<<< Admission Going On............ Fall Semester - 2017 >>>

<<< Admission Going On............. Fall Semester - 2017 >>>

<<< Admission Going On.............. Fall Semester - 2017 >>>

<<< Admission Going On............. Fall Semester - 2017 >>>

<<< Admission Going On............. Fall Semester- 2017 >>>


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Welcome To our University

Welcome to our University. It’s a great change for our school activities because of the modern technology is already starting here. This website must provide you the update news about our University. You must get the knowledge about our Administration, Teacher, Staff and Student activities from your home. So Visit us regularly.

Message from the Vice-Chancellor


It is a great pleasure for me that Global University Bangladesh is going to exert its philanthropic initiative with the beginning of academic programmes. This university will provide the students an effective and efficient way to develop the art of learning, the communicative and technological efficiencies and the supremacy of leadership.

Global University Bangladesh is going to open a golden opportunity that offers socially relevant academic programmes consisting of a substantial general education component. This university will also provide effective teaching, quality research and outstanding service with appropriate physical facilities. The practice of good governance and the skilled administration will encourage academic freedom and intimate   relation between teachers and students.

I do believe this university is the manifestation of paying homage to the great philanthropists who sacrificed themselves for our freedom, emancipation and the betterment of Golden Bangladesh

I feel proud to remain with this academic institution which will be the centre of communication and information technology. I hope this university will go ahead with success.

About us

Mission & Vision

The mission of Global University Bangladesh (GUB) is to create efficient and outstanding talents and professionals who will have a bright and shining future or who will engage to enrich professional development. Our students will have/be:

(1) an infinitive curiosity for national and global knowledge ;

(2) an integrated expertise and aptness in oral, written and high-tech skills and communication;

(3) a creative thinker with problem-solving capability and the supremacy of leadership;

(4) a lofty sense of patriotism, self-esteem, freedom of expression, tolerance and respect for social justice;(5)a commitment to the dearest country and global humanity.

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