I am immensely pleased to be one of the pioneering founders of Global University Bangladesh Which will play a pivotal role in making  efficient, dynamic, innovative, creative and competent leaders for public and private sectors and for the formation of knowledge and technology based Bangladesh and humanitarian society.

Global University Bangladesh will be and will remains as an hub of excellence in higher education, a centre of free thinking and a gathering of cultural and literary heritage. It will gain prestige and recognition nationally and globally and will be an attraction for the students, teachers, researchers and academicians of Bangladesh and the globe,

Our university will produce competent graduates in their selected disciplines who will have productive careers or will choose to engage in advanced studies. Our students will be life-long learners with good leadership skills, more efficient in oral, written and electronic communication, critical thinkers of well-developed analytical skills, ethically and socially responsible, champion of diversity and tolerance and globally aware with commitment to social justice and sustainability.

I take pride to remain with an educational institution which will nurture individual excellence and dignity as well as charitable, non-profitable and philanthropic approach to society.