It is a great pleasure for me that Global University Bangladesh is going to launch its academic programmers’ with a view to creating well equipped, well-disciplined and outstanding leaders for the growing public and private sectors and for building a knowledge and technology based nation.

I feel immensely proud that I remain actively with the establishment of this university. This university will play a pivotal role in expanding quality and standard education, creating efficient competent and dynamic professionals and building a digitalized, technology based and humanitarian nation.

I must believe that the illuminating birth of this university is to pay a profound homage to our sacrificed hearts who remain eternally in our heart and their fulfillment of dream. The southern part of our country lags behind because of the shortage of universities, the limitations of opportunities to be efficient and dynamic and the lack of higher education that creates leadership. So, this university will eliminate this type of deficits with its outstanding and dynamic performance. I also do believe that this small piece of land is the fossil of our ancestors and this university will be an illuminating lighthouse on this land that will enlighten its surroundings.

I hope that Global University Bangladesh will go ahead with its radiance and dynamism and will achieve a prestigious cliff for quality and standard education.